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Brochure Praya

Praya ( Billing & ePayment System ) is an application to handle service request activities, payments and notes on ship, container, and non-container services that are integrated with the operating system and banking system.


  1. Order Management 
    Perform service requests that are integrated with the port operating system 

  2. Configuration Rate 
    Configuration of tariffs that can be done directly by end users by accommodating many parameters 

  3. ePayment (H2H & Autocollection ) 
    Providing several channels or electronic payment methods that are integrated with banking 

  4. Terminal Configuration 
    Configure the terminal according to the services provided 

  5. Track & Trace 
    End-to-end tracking of service positions 



  1. Improve the efficiency of the service request process with easy application access and the concept of a single system that can be used in many terminals 
  2. Improve the accuracy of data and transactions and reduce user errors 
  3. Increase the speed of service requests 
  4. Provides real - time visibility into cargo position and activity