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About Phinnisi

Brochure Phinnisi

Phinnisi (Vessel Management System) is an application that accommodates the needs of ship service activities. The ship service activities start from submitting ship services (integrated with INAPORTNET), planning for resources and schedules , realizing ship service activities, to billing and reporting needs.


  1. Order 
    Submitting PKK (integration with INAPORTNET), Filing PPKB, RPK and OP 

  2. Validating 
    Validation of submissions made which includes validation of service requests and sum assured 

  3. Planning 
    To plan for services, automated optimizing resource that perform balancing of the load resource , as well as adjustment of the abnormalities that occur in the field. 

  4. Order Dispatching
    SPK Scout, Delay, and Mooring Printing (integration with INAPORTNET) 

  5. Executing Logging
    Execution of ship service activities which include the realization of pilotage, tug, mooring, and also the acknowledgment of the captain of the ship for the service 

  6. Billing 
    Performing calculations on tariffs, making receipts and notes 



  1. Automate ship service activities in terms of planning and scheduling 
  2. Increase efficiency of ship service activities in terms of time efficiency and resource planning 
  3. Assist in proper and accurate handling of abnormalities that occur in the field 
  4. Meng- capture and evaluate the performance of the resource through status updates in real time 
  5. Provide comprehensive reports that assist in the management decision-making process