Brochure Palapa

Brochure Palapa

Brochure Palapa

Palapa (TOS) is an operating system that handles operational activities at the terminal (container, multipurpose, and ro-ro) which consists of loading and unloading activities, stacking, relocation, gate in/gate out as well as accommodating standard business processes for planning, operating, monitoring and reporting


  1. Vessel Management 
    Vessel particular data management and ship visit data management 

  2. 3D Smart Vision 
    3D visualization to monitor goods operation activities at the wharf and field 

  3. Dynamic Berthing Window 
    Management berthing window ship with a user experience that is dynamic 

  4. Storage Area View 
    Real time visual monitoring of storage and field capacity 

  5. Business Cycle Configuration 
    Dynamically configurable business process flow according to business process requirements in terminal 

  6. Dashboards & Reports 
    Visualization of the dashboard monitoring loading/unloading activities and field activities, as well as reporting both periodically and per ship. 



  1. Increase visibility of cargo in the field and dock with the 3D Smart Vision feature 
  2. Supports centralized control and planning with a multi-terminal concept and seamless transfer between terminals 
  3. With the concept of a single system, it supports the same user capabilities and support in all terminals 
  4. Cloud-based infrastructure that supports scale up and scale out according to transaction capacity can support operational cost efficiency .