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About Maleo

Brochure Maleo

Maleo is an application for managing external truck data with the concept of a single truck identification number for all terminals. It is also equipped with a mobile application as a Digital Driver ID to measure the performance of terminal services and as a validation of the validity of Trucks and Drivers carrying out activities at the Port which are directly supervised by Port Operators.


  1. Single TID and DID 
    One ID concept for all terminals to increase visibility of trucking transactions 

  2. Traffic Dashboard 
    Visualization of peak time of truck activity at each terminal 

  3. Online Training 
    Online learning feature that can be accessed by mobile with output in the form of a certificate 



  • Provides visibility for drivers to terminal services. 
  • Centralized database for Truck and Driver data. 
  • Easy identification of Trucks and Drivers operating in the Port. 
  • The activities of trucks and drivers at the port are more recorded and monitored 
  • As a basis for regulating traffic and traffic at the port.