Information Technology
Yes - up to 50%
Yes - Domestic (In country) only

Key Responsibility 

  • perform a technical requirement analysis of the system to be translated into a technical design document 
  • seeks to address how well software, hardware, and broader IT systems fit the business requirements of the project. 
  • Writing or documenting the requirements for a new system and can also help implement them and consolidate their effectiveness. 
  • perform an Assessment or check the current system 
  • Communicating with users (requirements gathering) 
  • Create system designs that produce specifications for new or existing systems 
  • Translating system requirements in the form of technical diagrams such as architectural diagrams and database diagrams 
  • Collaborate with other project team members such as programmers to produce new systems 
  • Assist in the preparation and collection of tests, quality, and functionality of the system working well. 

Qualifications, Experience and Skills 

  • Minimum 3 (three) years of work experience in analyzing the needs of information technology projects 
  • Have experience carrying out at least 3 (three) full cycles of information technology development 
  • Have a minimum educational background of undergraduate (S1) related to Information Technology 
  • Have expertise in needs analysis and system development in Information Technology or Information Systems jobs 
  • Have Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle; 
  • ability to work in a team; 
  • analytical and problem solving skills; 
  • Using tools and methodologies / frameworks in development work 
  • Having an understanding of business processes in the port industry is more feature