Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing

PT Integrasi Logistik Cipta Solusi believes that managing violations is very important to keep the business running in accordance with business ethics that uphold the value of integrity which is a prerequisite for implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG). In line with our determination to ensure that Gratification and Illegal Levies can be controlled within the company, we are committed to upholding high morals and integrity, protecting and maintaining the image, credibility, and interests of the Company by supporting efforts to eradicate corruption through the implementation of the Whistleblowing System in realizing the movement “Pelindo Bersih”.



Suppose you see or suspect violations in any form, such as indications of fraud, indications of fraudulent acts, signs of embezzlement, indications of conflicts of interest, signs of bribery, indications of a violation of company policies and regulations, indications of theft, indications of corruption, and indications of extortion by company personnel or other parties (Customers, Work Partners, and the Community) who have no direct involvement but know Gratification is happening in the Company that has the potential for abuse of authority/position. In that case, you can help by reporting any violations, fraud, or unethical behavior to channel for complaints of violations through the Pelindo Group Single Whistleblowing System which can be accessed via:

Website : https://pelindobersih.whistleblowing.link/

Telepon : +62 21 2782 2345

Faksimile : +62 21 2782 3456

SMS/ Whatsapp : +62 811 933 2345 / +62 811 951 1665

Email : pelindobersih@whistleblowing.link

Pos : Pelindo Bersih. PO Box 1074. JKS 12010

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