AKHLAK (Trust, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, Collaborative)

  • T: Trustworthly.

We hold firm to the trust given. 

  • C: Competent.

We continue to learn and develop capabilities. 

  • H: Harmonious.

 We care about each other and respect differences. 

  • L: Loyal

We are dedicated and prioritize the interests of the Nation and State. 

  • A: Adaptive

We continue to innovate and enthusiastic in moving or facing change. 

  • C: Collaborative

We build synergistic cooperation. 



Key Word ;

  1. Integrity.
  2. Sincere.
  3. Consistent.
  4. Trusted.

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Fulfill promises and commitments
  2. Take responsibility for tasks, decisions, and actions taken.
  3. Hold fast to moral and ethical values.


Key Word ;

  1. Best Performance.
  2. Success.
  3. Fruitfulness.
  4. Learning Agility.
  5. Expert in the field

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Improve self-competence to respond to ever-changing challenges.
  2. Helping others to learn.
  3. Complete tasks with the best quality.


Key Word ;

  1. Caring.
  2. Diversity.

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Respect everyone regardless of background.
  2. Loved to help each other.
  3. Build a conducive work environment.



Key Word ;

  1. Commitment.
  2. Dedication.
  3. Contribution.

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Maintaining the good image of fellow employees, leaders, BUMN, and the State.
  2. Willing to sacrifice to achieve a bigger goal.
  3. Obey the leadership as long as it does not conflict with the law and ethics.


Key Word ;

  1. Innovation.
  2. Enthusiasm to transformation.
  3. Proactive.

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Quickly adapt to be better.
  2. Continuously making improvements following technological developments.
  3. Do Proactive.


Key Word ;

  1. Willingness to team work.
  2. Synergy for better results.

Behaviour Guidleines ;

  1. Provide opportunities for various parties to contribute.
  2. Available for working together to generate value added.
  3. Mobilize usefull of various resources for common goals.