In order to improve the company's operational efficiency, PT Integration Logistik Cipta Solusi provides an opportunity for goods/service providers to become Selected Business Actor within PT Integration Logistik Cipta Solusi. Providers of goods and services must meet the terms and conditions that apply within PT Intergrasi Logistik Cipta Solusi to become selected business actors.

You can submit an application letter to become a Selected Business Actor by attaching the following files:

Files that must be completed

Administrative Documents 

  • Application letter for selected business actors; 
  • Integrity pact. 
  • Statement Letter and Committee as Partners in the PT ILCS Area in order to create a Clean Port (Without fraud, Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism) and implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) 

Legality Documents 

  • Copy (photocopy) of the Deed of Establishment and its amendments (if any) and attached with ratification and/or approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights; 
  • Copy (photocopy) of Company Domicile Certificate; 
  • Copy (photocopy) of Company Business License / NIB 
  • Copy (photocopy) of Company Registration Certificate; 
  • Copy (photocopy) of Letter of Determination of Taxpayer Identification Number and Taxable Entrepreneur. 
  • Integrity pact. 

Technical document

  • Company Profile; 
  • Job Experience List; 
  • Certification (If any). 

Financial Documents 

  • Last Year Financial Report; 
  • Copy (Photocopy) of the last Annual Tax Return. 

Additional Information

  • All personal data information provided through this website is confidential and used for purposes that are not in contrary with the applicable laws and regulations and as a fulfillment of the requirements in PT Integrasi Logistik Cipta Solusi. All information collected is only used for the purposes specified on the website, and we will not disclose any personal information to third parties, except with the owner's permission or under special conditions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Relevant documents are attached as examples 
  • Vendor registration form consists of vendor identity and upload required documents. 

Registration Form

File PDF, file size max 10MB
File PDF, file size max 10MB
File PDF, file size max 10MB
File PDF, file size max 10MB